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With our news rating, we would like to provide an estimation of the validity of the given information. In some Internet forums we were bashed for spreading news that seemed unlikely at first sight. Of course, the ratings were ignored in these cases but, thanks god, almost every doubted info turned out right in the end [ Porsche will launch a third model line and BMW was really experimenting with turbo charged petrol engines, as we know today ] In many events, it were the publishers of - supposed competing - websites that felt impelled to remark disparaging comments on news from us.

For sure, the aim of that is as clear as crystal. In fact we don't want to conceal that some of the newnesses in our site are just rumours or speculations. But there is often a lot of truth in them, even though some developments never come to light because car makers' market research departments deem the time isn't right or they change their minds because of expenses or risks. And in some respects we don't necessarily understand ourselves as informers but as a source where interested people can get an estimation on generally known rumours. Anyway, as you came here to read this text, we guess you are one that ascribes importance to those little stars at the news' end. Thank you.

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