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Many automotive web sites don't live up to their description's promises. That's why we created the CHOICE STUFF predicate, the cachet of FAST-ZI-NATION that separates the wheat form the chaff. It only contains the very finest sites concerning European cars, makes and automotive lifestyle. Whenever you're on the look out for such stuff you don't need to waste your time anymore thanks to the CHOICE STUFF directory that leads you to the most comprehensive, most topical and clearest sites.

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MAGAZINES & ENTHUSIATS SITES  -  News, reviews and tests of fast cars  -  They very latest about cars  -  A news site for Porsche fans  -  A fine resource for international car design  -  The classic and sports car channel  -  The ultimate resource for all kinds of fast cars  -  An enthusiasts website for Audi lovers  -  Everything about Daimler's luxury cars  -  The right stuff for Volvo fans  -  Great car magazine from U.K.  -  Brings the world of fast automobiles  -  The VW enthusiasts website


International  - Europe   -
UK  - Deutschland [in German only ]   - - Online information service for executives of the automotive industry. Available in German and English [paid service but has free sections]

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SPECIAL SOURCES  - a weekly column on the latest trends and products of the international motor industry. Very interesting for all those who would like to learn more about what's behind the branch's trends and strategies.  - the most comprehensive auto catalog of the internet. It has listed the whole range of car makers, tuners and specialists, available by make, country, body type or category and provides photos as well as technical specifications  - Sometimes, when we didn't find any appropriated source in English, we also link to sites in German. For the most part, the navigation is comprehensible because many German and English words have common roots. Just in case of any problems we recommend that German < - > English dictionary to help you to find what you are looking for or what we would like to show you!


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http://dict.tu-chemnitz/calc.html  - This page provides a calculator for the conversion of many units. Using the official units of the EU in our items, we don't make it easy to English native speakers to realise the right dimension in each case. This link is the support for a better understanding.

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More Links

Links to smaller carmakers and auto tuners are avialable at:   .

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According to the German law we are also responsible for the content of sites we link or we refer to unless we explicitly disclaim. To satisfy this law we dissociate from all sites we link and/or we refer to. This disclaimer covers all pages of FAST-ZI-NATION including its mirror sites. Read the complete disclaimer of FAST-ZI-NATION!

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