McLaren  for less
than 250,000 Euros

Arden offer 550hp
charged 8-cylinder

1st Nov. >
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- New Porsche 911
  refined by TechArt

- 3 Brabus rims for S-
  & CL-class in 22inch

- Mercedes C 63 AMG
  tweaked by Carlsson

- Mercedes GLK-class
  refined by Brabus

- S-class with 22" and
  new SL by Lorinser

- Smart Fortwo by Benz
  tuner Carlsson

- Audi RS 6 with adjus-
  table spings by KW

- Audi Q5 tuned by
  Abt Sportsline

- New Minis jazzed
  up by Hamann

- Audi RS6 tweaked to
  over 700hp by MTM

- CL-class edition by
  Carlsson and Aigner

- Two new alloy wheels
   from Carlsson and
   from Kahn Design

- New items for the A5
  by MTM and Abt

- Arden AJ 21 basing
  on the new Jaguar XF

- Mercedes SLR and
   Smart by Brabus

- TechArt GT street
   997 Turbo Cabriolet

- VW Tiguan re-
   fined by Delta4x4

- Alfa Romeo Spider
   refined by Novitec

- BMW M5 Hurricane
   tweaked by G-Power

- Aston Martin V8
   Volante by Loder1899

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These are the new Mercedes CabriosNew Porsche 911 refined by TechArt New 7-series driven by
- New Gallardo 560-4 Polizia on

- Koenigsegg CCXR by Car Studio on

- BMW 135i by Hartge on

- SAAB 9 X BioHybrid concept on

- CL-class wallpapers on

- Great Porsche 911 GT2 Wallpapers on

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- BMW 7-series first test dirve on

- Ferrari California test drive on

- New VW Golf GTI Mk VI

- Lotus present the all-new Evora on a micro page

- New 670hp SL AMG 'Black Series' on

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage by Hamann Motorsport

Latest after,arket and Tuning accessories

- OZ Crono: New sizes
- Phoenix rim by AEZ
- Stainless brushed dials
- TechArt wheel Formula II
- Canova rim from OZ
- Great Arden accessories
- G-Power Silverstone
- LCD Gear Display
- Bargain wheel Dezent J
- Limited calendar with Pink
- OZ Palladio in 20"


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> Audi A5 Sportback, preview

Audi plan to bring out an A5 Sportback. But, actually it's neither a real A5 nor is it a Sportsback in the style of the respective A3 model. To see how it's going to look like, just click here..!

> Bentley Arnage Final Series

Bentley say good bye to the Rolls Royce-based Arnage from the 1990's by offering a splendid 'Final Series'. You should have seen the all-inclusive luxury edition. For this, just click here..!

> Lotus downloads

British sports car maker Lotus have got a nice download area in their webiste. The wallpapers there are no usual press photos but artistic editings! And, there's even more! Click here..!

> Tata rumoured use the name 'Daimler'

Shocking! Indian conglomerate Tata have bought the rights in the name 'Daimler' and are now rumoured to use the Mercedes producers' label for a luxury car brand. Read more..!

> SL 65 AMG 'Black Series'

Mercedes-Benz present the ultimate evoltution with the 670hp SL 65 Black Series. The conversion fetaures carbon panels, a tweaked V12 engine and according specs. Read more..!

> BMW Progressive Activity Sedan

BMW will bring out a car which is even more daring than the crossover vehicle X6. Read the details and view an artist's impression of Munich's strange niche product here..!

> 7-series with conventional operation

With the latest generation of their flagship, BMW falls back to conventional operation. The cockpit of the 7-series combines modern technology with classic layouts click..!

> Lotus' third model line

Lotus have released a photo of their third model line, the Eagle. Here are the the first details about the top-of-the-range model of the the reputable British sports car manufacture click..!

> Porsche Special

At this Porsche special, we not only present the overworked Porsche 997 but also reveal the real lines of Stuttgart's 4-door sports coupe Panamera click..!