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VW  launch next Touareg in 2010

21st January >
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- Mercedes C-class re-
   fined by Inden Design

- BMW M5 Hurricane
   tweaked by G-Power

- Mercedes C-class
   Estate by Lorinser

- Arden AR7 basing
   on the Range Rover

- The friendly SUV:
   Gemballa Cayenne

- Aston Martin V8
   Volante by Loder1899

- Porsche Cayenne
   Cyclone by Hamann

- Audi S3 perked up
   by O.CT Tuning

- VW Tiguan tuned
  by Abt Sportsline

- Mercedes R-class
  by Inden Design

- AC Schnitzer on the
  Essen Motor Show

- VW Touareg wide
  body by JE Design

- AJ20 by Arden ba-
  sing on the Jag XKR

- Volvo S80 T6 HPV
  by Heico Sportiv

- Porsche Carrera GT
  tweaked by Gemballa

- New S-class W221
  by Inden Design

- Porsche Carrera GT
  tweaked by Gemballa

- New S-class W221
  by Inden Design

- Gemballa 600 GTR
  Avalanche Bicolor

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- test drives the new Aui R8 - great photos!

- Widened GL-class by Brabus on

- test drive the all-out Porsche GT3 RS

- All-new BMW Alpina B6 S on

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Mercedes and AMG show newnesses

Mercedes revise the CLS and AMG launch a new wheel > Click here!

Latest after,arket and Tuning accessories

- OZ Crono: New sizes
- Phoenix rim by AEZ
- Stainless brushed dials
- TechArt wheel Formula II
- Canova rim from OZ
- Great Arden accessories
- G-Power Silverstone
- LCD Gear Display
- Bargain wheel Dezent J
- Limited calendar with Pink
- OZ Palladio in 20"

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> Volkswagen launch 4-dr coupe Passat CC

VW did recently introduce their 4-door coupe and the thing is looking good but what do they aim at with a model that no one missed in the line up? We are trying to find it out! click..!

> Munich is going to attack Mercedes with new cars

BMW might be a highly reputable and well-established produ-
cer of luxury cars, however, in the top segments, Mercedes are still dominating. Munich is now about changing it! click..!

> Toyota to join German Diesel attack

Toyota have made impact with hybrid cars in the USA. The Germans are attempting to counter by making green-diesel technology popular there! Hard times for Detroit! click..!

> Highlights of the Essen Motor Show

Also on the 2007 Essen Motor Show lots of tunings cars have made their debut which is why we presented them in a special - in addition to a wallpaper update - at issue 48! Here it is click..!

> Land Rover LRX Concept

Land Rover give a foretaste of a baby SUV with the LRX de-
sign study. It foreshadows some new details and point out that sporty softroaders does not have to be wannabes click..!

> Maybach - What comes netx?

Maybach checked lots of options for a new model but, there's probably no approach to go into production. Nevertheless we report on the Mercedes sister brand's considerations. click..!

> Brabus establish a new top speed world record

Brabus have established a new top speed world record for luxury cars. But, there's no one else who attempts to outperform them. Also this time they just surpassed themselves. click..!

> Nightly Mercedes sypshot video

The nightly appearance of a disguised prototype has made us puzzling over it!? One of our team spotted it in Stuttgart and it's clear: It was a Mercedes! But, what model? View more here..!

> Audi introduce the Cross Cabriolet Quattro concept

Audi present the design of the upcoming Q5 by means of a concept which combines convertible and SUV - a well-done crossover car, maybe except for its monstrous grille click..!

> VW delay Golf launch and changes exterior design

Volkswagen will change the design of their cars and push back the launch date of the comprehensively modified next Golf to over work its exterior according to the new looks. click..!