B M W   consider 6-
series Cabrio-Coupe

V W  not sure about
launching a Golf R36

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Five Wallpapers of the stunning Wiesmann Roadster
- All-new Mercedes
  C-class from Brabus

- Mercedes-Benz W204
  refined by Lorisner

- Audi TT in R8-look by
  B&B Automobiltechnik

- Brabus ML 63 AMG
  wide body conversion

- TechArt 911 Turbo
  GTstreet version

- Stunning Audi TT
  show car from LSD

- Flamboyant BMW
  M5 from Lumma

- Brabus upgrade Mer-
  cedes 420CDI trucks

- All-new Audi TT en-
  hanced by Oettinger

- Pimped out diesel-
  powered 5-series

- Alfa Romeo Brera
  enhanced by Novitec

- Ferrari 599 GTB from
  Hamann Motorsport

- Porsche Turbos from
  TechArt & Gemballa

- Three BMW Coupes
  by AC Schnitzer

- Rolls Royce Phantom
  from Project Kahn

- Aston Martin Vantage
  V8 by Loder1899

- Volvo C30 concept
  from Heico Sportiv

- Audi Q7 tuned by
  B&B Automobiltechnik

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Comment on the Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraAll-new Mercedes C-class by BrabusBMW M5 by Currency Motor Cras on
Brushed Stainless Steel Dials by Phoenix wheel and its French archetype
- Newnesses from Geneva in desktop size on ConceptCarz

- BMW's preview on the M3 coupe on

- Alpina BMW B5 including
Touring on

- Some rare Ferrari wallpapers on

- British mag TopGear have updated wallpaper section

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- BMW M5 by Currency Motor Cars on

- Geneva Auto Salon preview

- New Maserati Gran Turismo on

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Impressum in deutscher Sprache
- TechArt Formula II
- Canova rim from OZ
- Arden Accessories
- G-Power Silverstone
- LCD Gear Display
- Bargain rim Dezent J
- Calendar with Pink
- OZ Palladio in 20"

EDAG LUV Concept Car
engineering house
introduce a reply to Cadillac's EXT

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Gaulish car maker Citroën is trying to get back their former reputation as a make of vanguard design and progressive technology. We introduce two promissing attempts click..!

> R8 for everyone - on a micro page

Audi present their super car on a great extra page. It includes fantastic animated graphics and nice downloads. In other words: Enough to be recommended by us click..!

> Volvo XC60 vs. Volkswagen Tiguan

Capturing market shares from premium brands, Volkswagen and Volvo met the SUV segment with success. Now they go for repeating this with smaller crossover vehicles. click..!

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Being afraid of too low sales, Maybach don't dare making a two-door car. Rolls Royce take that chance and make clear who is number one in luxury cars by offering one click..!

> Merecdes Design Special

The recent CL-class point out the new design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. Read more on this and see some original drawings for that model and other Mercedes cars. click..!

> Three luxury car brands for sale

Money can't buy a good reputation however there are obviously three companies for sale at the moment that are amongst Europe's most renowned luxury car brands click..!

> the VW Atacama project

With the concept Crafter Atacama, Volkswagen want to turn a commercial vehicle into a fun car. We wish good luck and report on backgrounds and prospects. Here it comes click..!

> BMW Alpina D3

Alpina put an own model in the gap between the 320d and 330d. Does the diesel Three life up to what its name is suggesting? Here come a comprehensive feature on that click..!