Where does FAST-ZI-NATION come from?

The subtitle turns out that it comes from Germany. For all those who would like to know it more exactly: it comes from the Autostadt Leipzig, Free State of Saxony. Autostadt? Autostadt means town of cars, and there are a lot of reasons for it.

Porsche's second premises including a test track is located in Leipzig. At this place the Cayenne and the supersports car Carrera GT is produced. Furthermore, the AMI takes place in Leipzig. It is every two years the biggest motor show in Germany. And, BMW is currently constructing a new plant for manufacturing the 3-series here. The Leipzig region has developed to a centre of the German motor industry. Suppliers as Sachsenring AG and other automotive companies have settled down here or will do so in the next years.

But there is some more which gives us inspiration in making that magazine. Volkswagen's luxury saloon Phaeton is made in the Free Sates' s capitol Dresden which is about 150 Km from where we come from and, the Golf and the Passat are produced in another production facility in Saxony too. At this place, also the body of the Mid Size Bentley Continental is produced before it is going to be completed in Grewe, England. And, even the new Rolls Royce is trimmed with Saxonmade leather. In Grossenhein, not far from Dresden, the Will & Funke AG manufactures the YES Clubsport, a state-of-the-art, and probably Germany's most radical, lightweight roadster. ( Surly we will report about this car in the next time too )

Moreover, that locality has a great and eventful history in motor manufacturing ( e.g. Audi originally comes from Saxony ) which already began in 1902 . Until these days that tradition is proceeded by lots of noted companies and has incurably infected us with the four-wheel-virus that is our motive power for this site.

Why is FAST-ZI-NATION available at the German '.de' top-level-domain although it is written in English?

That site deals with German road traffic, German sales figures and fine European cars but seen from a German vantage point, and it's edited by Germans, of course. That's why we made it available at an authentic domain name. For all those who easier recall a dot-com-domain, we are also available under FAST-ZI-NATION.COM and hope to offer an address for all preferences that way. And, if you like it shorter so you can enter FASTNATION.DE too!

By the way. The bygone euphoria of the internet age caused many dot com domains but the Germans weren't keen to use that and decided to take the nationality domain in most cases. That way it became the most used nationality domain world wide, ...and we are proud on.

Have you also discovered mistakes in this site! ... we expect our texts are not perfect.

Unfortunately! English remains a foreign language to us, despite all technical supports. Using words is one thing but, selecting them in the correct context is another. And, concerning prepositions we make our work with serious difficulties, most of them are used totally different in the German language. If you are an English native speaker and you've found mistakes in our lines so you possibly would like to help to make FAST-ZI-NATION more perfect. E-mail us the correct words - we will correct the text then.