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Range Rover Sport by Hartge

Geneva Motorshow is over. In contrast to many other European countries, both Switzerland and Germany have already overcome last years' global economic crises which has made possible an extensive firework of luxurious SUV conversions on the Swiss auto exhibition.

After all those wide bodies, deep dish wheels and lavish leather interior trims with extensive carbon applications that attracted much attention in the press and on websites, we would like to introduce something for those who are looking for a more restrained yet not less rare option.

At least, we deem Hartge's offerings for the Range Rover Sport to be something like that! Because, when it comes to the exterior there is nothing more, and not less, than a set of 9.5 x 22 Inch wheels. It is available with a usual silver finish and an
extra shiny paint.
Range Rover Sport by Hartge - Click Here

Furthermore a tyre pressure monitoring system is offered by the Germans. More power comes with the handmade stainless steel exhaust system available for the V8 engines. Thanks to it drivers command 15 extra ponies, at any of the 8-cylinder motors.

The offerings for the interior are equally minimalistic. Besides a set of floor mats, there are carbon applications for the standard 4-spoke steering wheel and a leather-aluminium gear selector lever. All that is pretty little, compared to the conspicuous spoiler monsters of Hamann and Mansory, and the extensive choice of classy items offered by Brabus' sub label Stratech.

Thus the Range Rover Sport by the Beckingen-based tuning company will be as rare as any SUVs are at the South pole, and even at the North pole. But maybe it's exactly that what some like about these offerings.

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