Mercedes G-class With Carlsson 22

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700hp Mercedes G-class by Brabus

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Tough its 30th anniversary had been celebra-
ted recently, tuning companies still deal with the vintage car of the Mercedes-Benz line up, the good old G-class. Brabus did come out with a respective example acouple of month ago (see image at the right). Carlsson and A.R.T Tuning are following now.

By presenting a new wheel option on a G-class, Carlsson lately made clear that they did not forget the dinosaur amongst the off roaders. The new rim is called 1/5 Evo UL and measures 22 Inch in diameter. Maximum load of the 10 Inch wide forged wheel is 1,100 Kg. Very impressiv!
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Another newness regarding the G-Class comes from A.R.T. The Nuremberg-based company reveals a vehicle which was created on request of the Royal House of Abu Dhabi.

At it the tuners virtually added everything they have on store for the G-Class. And some more! But, we let the images of the gallery below speak. Just click the thumbnails to see all details in full colours.

The modification-laden super G bases on the AMG model. Thanks to engine tuning, the 'AS55K Yaas Edition' called conversion generates 620hp! Behind the mighty 22inch rims, there's also a high-performance braking system.

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