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While SAAB cars' design got closer to the mainstream around the turn of the century, the latest facelifts turned them back into more extraordinary ones. The new top-of-the-range model, the 9-5, is continuing with this style, however it is sleeker than the previous 9-5 and the current 9-3 model.

So the new one is now a bit as odd as SAAB cars had been in the company's very best years. Time will tell whether shape brings back the old reputation which is likely to be a basic condition for the company to work profitable. There will also be a station wagon. Not only it's more practical, it even looks better than the sedan.

Whereas first 9-5 was a rival to the A6 and the E-class, by it's dimension the new SAAB tackles the flagships of the German premium makes, meaning the A8 and the S-class. However, the Swede is supposed to be significantly cheaper than the Teutonic offerings.

Besides a sporty evolution, the Aero, there will be more ecologically friendly options, including at least one diesel engine! An interesting question is how they get hybrid drive in the car. Maybe this one will be supplied by former mother company GM. New owner Koenigsegg, on the other hand, may be helpful when it comes to evolutions.

The Swedish super car manufacturer could contribute some technological know how which could enhance SAAB's image. But, there's another interesting issue with the ownership: How long could a small super car maker afford developing competitive vehicles in times when even Daimler deem themselves too small for some things future takes.

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