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Range Rover Sport

Shortly before Land Rover redefines the sporty SUV by a smaller three-door model, the tuning companies set new benchmarks with Range Rover Sport conversions.

M A N S O R Y increase power of both diesel and petrol engines. And typically they add an impressive body kit to the box-shaped fashion item from the United Kingdom. Wider wheel arches host 23 Inch wheels bearing tyres of the size 315/25 R23.

Range Rover Sport by Mansory Range Rover Sport by Mansory

Also a new bonnet is offered. This carbon part has got a striking dome for fresh air and, to catch the eye. For the same there's a roof spoiler and a D-pillar cover. More power comes with a sports exhaust system, reprogrammed ECU and sports air filters. Mansory claim this result in 30 extra ponies an a torque increase of 40 Nm, on all engine variants.

Furthermore the tuners offer various parts for the interior, including sports steering wheel and aluminium pedals. In addition, the cabin can be refined by the use of leather, wood and carbon as well as by some multi-media equipment.

A R D E N offer wheels and several add-on parts for the overworked Range Rover Sport too. Wheels measure 22 or 23 Inch. The body kit is not as obtrusive as Mansory's, but shapely. Both offer LED day driving lights at the front bumper.

Arden however have got some more extra lights. Those who deem it necessary can order LED ground illumination mounted to the rocker panels. And to make impression while driving, a sports exhaust system deliver noticeable sound but no extra power, as Mansory's tubes do.

Arden, on the other hand, offer two layouts, featuring two or four end tips, depending on whether a more showy or classy style is preferred. As usual the interior can be enhanced or customised with finer materials and sophisticated entertainment electronics. Owners of pre-facelift cars can also get an update to the recent looks at Arden.

Range Rover Sport by Arden
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