2010 Range Rover by Startech

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Range Rover by Startech
Startech, Brabus' brand for cars not labelled as a Mercedes, Maybach or Smart, are now offering tuning for Land Rover cars. Their 2010 Range Rover Sport gets some parts to make the luxury SUV's exterior more sporty. Besides a body kit, there are 22 Inch wheels for the flagship model of the British car maker. Tires bear the specification 295/35 ZR22 at the side walls.

The Startech end tips are perfectly integrated in the rear bumper and round off the exterior modifications perfectly. The cabin can be customised on various ways. Not only upholstery could be refined. Applications and covers for the dashboard and the doors increase the number of possibilities. Also multi-media solutions are offered to please discerning Range Rover
Sport owners.
2010 Range Rover by Startech and Arden

Range Rover by Arden
Arden have just adapted their programme for the overworked Range Rover Sport model. It will be introduced on the Tuning World Bodensee. The show is one amongst the most renowned events at the tuning sector in Germany. As the photos show, the long-established company have got a full aerodynamics package, larger wheels and lowering for the Range Rover Sport.

In contrast to Startech, Arden's end tips don't feature a 2x2 layout, but they aren't smaller than Startech's. The rims bear the name Dakar and make their debut on the exhibition at Bodensee too. In size they're as large as that of the German competitor. By the way, Bodensee is no town in Deutschland, it's the German word for the Lake

2010 Range Rover by Arden

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