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700hp Mercedes G-class by Brabus

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Mercedes-Benz celebrate birthday of the oldest model in their line up: The G-class. It is now being produced for 35 years! Considering that we talk about a model from one of the world's most innovative car makers, this appears to be very remarkable. The vehicle might have undergone some refreshments in course of time, but, the basis still stems from 1979!

And, that's noticeable at just one glance! The edged exterior sticks out of the SUV crowed on the road. Only the good old Land Rover Defender still features this anarchic styling which is deeply loved by some customers! Nevertheless, the Benz boys did their very best to update the 'vintage car' in the programme. Not only they put in all electronic gadgets and the latest engines. They even launched a new version. The exeggerated G 63 AMG 6x6

However, one thing has never changed: Its personality. It is solid, tough and reliable which is exactly why many like the G-class. It offers a way to go an off roader without being socially dennounced. To many's view, it's no uselss fahsion item as other SUVs. But, finally this success has brought new demands. Customers asked for more luxury, even though it was about an off-road vehicle.

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So Mercedes started equipping the old G with almost anything available on the S-class and it turned out that buyers were keen on all those modern features. A survey found that people who purchased a G-class had an even higher average income than those who ordered the S-class flagship. So AMG brought out a respective model too.

Considering its purpose and the box-shaped car body this seems pretty odd! While the new 6x6 appears even more strange in this light. Not only is it as shapely and flat as a railroad freight car, it has roughly the air drag coefficient of the Austrian factory in which it is manufactured. Nonethelss, those who like the car don't care about all that. Quite the opposite: They like it because of that.

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The fact that Mercedes offers many other SUVs - ranging from the compact GLK to the large GL-Class - hasn't changed much about the popularity of the G-Class. There is an incrising number of buyers who opt for a G-Wagon. This might be due to it's superior all-terrain capabilities. None of the modern SUVs are capable to keep up in this disciplin. Others prefer it because it stands out of recent design main stream. It's just an original and authetnic thing. And as Daimler does not expect this passion to cool down soon, they recently decided to further improve the good old G. Recent plannings suggest a production till 2027. Then, the model will be 48 years of age. And we bet it is going to reach the 50! Happy birthday!!

Mercedes-Benz G-class and the SUV family

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