All-new Mercedes E-class Coupe by Brabus

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Since the CLK's successor is technically very close to the new E-class 4-door, tuners didn't need to design too many new components for the coupe model. So there's admittedly not much new and exciting about the car, when one already knows the four-door model.

Also the E-class Coupe by Brabus is confirming this. Looks of the parts are known from the salon. Nonetheless, it's interesting how the things appear on the two-door version. Brabus offer several wheel designs and also the 6.1 Liter displacement engine is available for the coupe.

This power plant generates 462hp. It's accelerating the sporty Benz in 4.7 seconds to 100kph. The engine alone is as much as 29,000Euros. Other car makers sell decent cars at this price but hey, it's a Brabus. Significantly less money has to be spent on the chip tuning of the diesel motors. Most powerful one produce 272hp.

'Musts' like lowering, high-performance brakes, interior refinements, but also gadgets the likes of ground illuminations are offered. If you want to learn more, just visit the Brabus website or see the feature on their 4-door E-class which is also containing interior photos. You can check all that out here below.

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Brabus E-class Four-Door
Click here to see the feature on the new Mercedes E-class by Brabus

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