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Editions with matt paints

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Tuned SL with matt paint by Carlsson

Tuned SL by Carlsson
as another example
of the new trend. [Click]

With Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini two prestige brands have recently launched special editions featuring matt paint finishes. Remar-
kable is that they aren't intended as bargains to push sales. Instead they've got the finest and most expensive materials inside, and respectively formidable price tags too. Meaning, it is about exclusivity and fashion here.

We expect further editions of other car makers to come with matt finishes. Colours aside, dull paints will be a new fashion. Of course, traditionalists, meaning lovers of classic luxury, won't warm towards to that but we are talking about trends and traditionalists never warm to new fashions at all. Anyhow we think that kind of paint is going to be a new item on tomorrow's option lists.

Not only it's hip since years in the tuning scene - which might be the initial reason indeed - there's another factor that promotes it: Muted exteriors would perfectly match the spirit of forthcoming times of recession and less glamorous prospects. Visual reticence will partially supersede shiny bling and demonstrative appearances on the roads. Cabins might be laden with comfortable goodies, however, luxurious ambience are going to be wrapped up in more restraining outer skins.

Lamborghini 'Ad Personam' Editions

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