Maserati Gran Trorismo by Mansory

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The ambitious luxury car tuners of Mansory now welcome a new make to their portfolio: Maserati. With their first offering, the Gran Torismo, the brand from Brand (yes, that's the town's name) they cling to the typical Mansory composition, featuring carbon and bouncing colours.

This time they go orange. Front spoiler, rocker panels, diffusor and rear spoiler underline the sportiness of the conversion while a carbon radiator grille highlights the exterior refinements, besides the wheels. They measure 20 inch at the front and 21 at the back. Furthermore the tuners lowered the car body, by 30 mm.

Under the hood, Mansory have installed a reprogrammed control of the V8 engine which breath more freely thanks to sports air filter and a sports exhaust system. These measures enhance power by 30 hp, on both the 405 GT and the 440 hp GT S model so that output is 435 and 470 hp respectively.

As they always use to do, they once again attached much attention to the cabin. Matching orange leather decorates some parts of the interior, while others are black, as a contrast. Aluminium pedals and a sports steering wheel, that has also got some leather at the workshops of the company, top off the interior refinements.

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