Mansory Chopster basing on the Porsche Cayenne

Mansory Chopster basing on the Porsche Cayenne

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After German Porsche specialists of Gemballa have brought out an ultra extreme Cayenne conversion, Mansory Switzerland - the Porsche experts of the company - introduce a rival now. The thing is named Chopster although neither car body nor greenhouse is chopped, as the name might suggest to some of us. However, being extended by 80mm in width, it appears flatter. Also a suspension lowering is suggestive of that. Height is reduced by noticeable 45mm.

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Body parts made from Carbon revamp the exterior of the Cayenne. By the way, Mansory used the Turbo S model to create this SUV monster. The Swiss-made conversion is as extreme as Gemballa's, but does not disguise the car as much as the competitor does. It's still obvious that Porsche's SUV is the basis. On the other hand, the modifications are radical. Even panels behind the quarter windows stretching to the roof are added.

Mansory Chopster basing on the Porsche Cayenne

Engine is pushed to a maximum of 710 Hp of power and 900Nm of torque. To achieve that, the chargers have been replaced by a larger ones, as well as air supply and exhaust system have been improved at Switzerland. And of course, engine management is adopted to all that. Thus the Chopster reaches top speed of over 300kph. 315/25 R 23 tires mounted to 11x23 wheels provide enough grip, however Mansory don't specify a 0-100kph time.

Cabin of the car is as radically redesigned as the outside. But, it's literally an all-in than it's an all-out conversion. Not only four bucket seats replace the standard seating, also full multi-media equipment including two large monitors at the center console is installed. This one is as similar to the one of the Gemballa Tornado as all other interior solutions. So the thing appears to be a bit of a copy of this one. In the end details make the difference.

Mansory Chopster basing on the Porsche Cayenne

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