Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS basing on the Porsche Cayenne

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Porsche Cayenne Diesel by JE Design and TechArt

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Not only the number of add-on parts required for an up-to-date conversion has increased in the last years, styling changed in general. Today, looks have to be more demonstrative. Especially at the SUV segment, body kits became attention boosters of the showiest kind. Uwe Gemballa is now showing how to top it all. With his latest Cayenne conversion, the Tornado 750 GTS, almost no part of the body left untouched.

Tornado GTS - Porsche Cayenne Conversion by Gemballa

It's rather a complete redesign than just improving measures. People not well versed in SUVs possibly don't see what model it actually is. Especially because even the lamps have changed. The ones at the rear are replaced by inserts, whereas that at the front are being covered by a new bonnet. This one opens the opposite way, meaning, hinges are mounted to the front.
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It's definitely one of the exterior's highlights, because of its numer-
ous air intakes on the one hand, but also because it is wrapped around the sides. So an air outlet is formed behind the wheels. Re-
markably their upper edges continue at the front doors. The design of the rear bumper is not quite as sophisticated in layout, however the designer did a pretty good job here as well. In addition to modi-
fied tail lights and a larger bumper, a restyled tail gate - which has been planked by some covers - disguises what the basis is....Next >
Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS basing on the Porsche Cayenne

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