Audi R8 With Electro Drive - Artists Impression

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Green Card - German Car Makers Remain Committed to Performance

Being bashed for gas guzzling V12 and V8 engines and high-perfor-
ance evolution cars, Germany's premium car makers are now forced to play the green card when it comes to new developments. They may also specialise in fuel saving Diesel motors, but in the future, other drives are anticipated to be required. Possibly it will turn out a tempo-
rary fashion, but many believe electro motors are going to make the world go round in upcoming decades. So Audi, BMW and Mercedes are thinking over what their wealthy buyers would like to invest on.

Answers will soon be given at their home motor show, the IAA 2009 at Frankfurt. Audi retrofits their super car R8 with an electro drive. Because its motor doesn't need some air to breath, the designers have eliminated most air inlets. So also the side blades - the vertical covers behind the doors - are omitted, as it will be the case with the R8's soon-to-come open top version. Thus the sports car from Ingolstadt is sleeker than the recent production model.

Also some details at the front are expected to be changed according to Audi's new front design. Meaning, the grille's shape will be a hexagon rather than a rectangle. Mercedes-Benz unveils the new SLS-class at the show. Though the production model starts with conventional combustion engines only, Daimler AG showcase an example with electro drive. However, the concept is not just for show! Reportedly a production is planed for 2015.

Their archenemies from Munich are going to present another approach. First BMW mount two electro motors on their exhibit. Second, a small combustion aggregate turn it into a hybrid car. And third, the thing is laid out as a 2+2 seater, while Audi's and the Mercedes' sports cars are for two persons only. The exterior will be similar to the M1 Concept which had been introduced recently. But, although the interior provides room for four, overall length is shorter then the first concept's.
BMW 2+2 Seat Hybrid Concept - Artist's Impression

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