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Lorinser and Brabus are the first to present upgrades for the new Mercedes E-class. Both show the items on a black car, which allows a good direct comparison. While Brabus are still clinging to modest yet effective modifications, Lorinser come with a more sporting exterior. Read and see more by clicking the corresponding car.

When it comes to prestige, there are a lot of reputable names, beyond mass production. But you can also have the one with the other. No other model combines as much of both as the wide-spread Mercedes-Benz E-class. It's manufacturer claims it would be the world's best sold business sedan. In any case it's the benchmark in the upper-middle class to many.

Ordinary members of the German parlament, the Bundestag, get chauffeured in the Mercedes E-class, at the same time, it is the most popular taxi model in Deutschland. Daimler might be doing their very best to offer more individual options and high-performance evolutions ex works, the ultimate exclusivity however is provided by the leading houses of the tuning biz.
New Mercedes E-class by Brabus - Click herewNew Mercedes E-class by Lorinser - Click herew

Apart from wheels and add-on parts, there even are wider replacement fenders, lots of extra illumination and of course, most extensive engine upgrades. Also high-end multi-media and the latest office equipments are available there not to mention precise craftsmanship, such custom-made upholstery. One can have Maybach's luxury and a Ferrari's performance in one vehicle, provided one has got the money for that.

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