Carlsson C25 - Sketch

Carlsson C25

The Mercedes specia-
lists showcase their
first super car at the
Geneva Auto Salon

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With the C25, the Mercedes tuners of Carlsson announce their first own sports car. It's going to celebrate debut at the Geneva Auto Salon in this year's March. Its motor is claimed to produce 753 hp of power and 1150 Nm of torque. 0-100 kph time is 3.7 seconds. Though technical components come from Mercedes-Benz, the exterior obviously posses no details of Stuttgart's cars (except for the mirrors)! Great!

Even the wheels won't be take from the tuners' store, but will exclusively be produced for the C25. Merely the grille design hints a bit to what Carlsson is actually dealing with. The dashboard of the car of which only 25 units will be produced is described as 'driver-oriented'. But, it remains un-
released till March. To ensure absolute exlusivity Carlsson are going to deliver just one C25 per country.

Carlsson C25 - Sketch
All that makes the C25 a purebred super car. However, the Mercedes specialists' approach is not creating another all-out road-legal racing machine. Comfortable driving manners are claimed to be offered with the C25 - that runs 352 kph top speed. Nonetheless the interior will feature racing car equipment such as race seats, race belts and roll over protection.

Materials used also make clear that its about both luxury and motorsport. The final version, exhibited in Swirtzerland, won't most certainly have the air inlets in front of the rear wheels as shown on the side profile image, while the front-side and the rear-side view pictures are very close to what is exhibited there. The thing is truly a great design work.
Carlsson C25 - Sketch

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