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Tuning for the BMW Z4 by Hartge and Hamann

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Driving a roadster is fun - especially when the weather is fine. And pleasure is even higher when the thing looks better than the rest. Hamann and Hartge now present what they offer to improve BMW's most rakish convertible, the Z4 Roadster model.

BMW Z4 by Hartge

Hartge have got a full body kit, however some spoilers don't fit when the car is equipped with the M Aerodynamics Package. Shorter springs reduce ride hide moderately. The wheels however are large: 20 Inches in diameter. Optionally there are 18 and 19inch alloys too. Maximum width for the front is 9 Inches,
10 for the rear.
BMW Z4 by Hartge - Click Here
Besides wide tyres, a silencer featuring two dual end pipes jazzes up the rear view. And the sides get some extra distinction by a decor-
ative sticker with Hartge writing. Floor mats, sports steering wheel, and a pedal set bring more motor sports atmosphere to the two-seater's interior. And of course, Hartge are prepared to make more, individual customisations come true.

BMW Z4 by Hartge

Hamann Motorsport also replace some standard parts of the Z4 by their own stuff. Amongst them: Body parts as a part of a full aerodyna-
mics package. And, wheels. Owners of BMW's smallest convertible can opt for 20 inch rims too, as at Hartge. Lowering springs reduce ground clearance by 30mm.

BMW Z4 by Hamann - Click HereBMW Z4 by Hamann - Click Here

Thus the Z4 by Hamann is a bit lower than Hartge's - which is roughly 20mm lower than the standard vehicle. More power is available for the sDrive 35i model. Hamann claim horsepower raises from 306 to 360. Thanks to a detached speed limiter it runs 285 kph as maximum. As their competitors, they're also offering customization for the interior including handmade leather upholstery in almost
any colour.
BMW Z4 by Hamann - Click Here

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