M3s pass the grandstand at Nürburgring

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Auto makers know that creating a legend also means making little boys dreaming. Once, posters had been a measure to achieve this but today, it takes a little bit more than just photos. Video racing games for example!

BMW's M3 already is an iconic sports sedan, but to keep it a legend the car makers offer a online game on their website to make potential future buyers fancying the 3-series evolution. At the game the player drives the M3 Coupe across the Nürburgring Grand Prix track.

As in reality, there are some advertisements at the track. No problem if there weren't some of archenemy Mercede-Benz! BMW however is apparently not bothered by this. Because, they abandoned from removing the competitor's ads, though detaching it from the source code would be pretty easy.

On the other hand, everybody knows Mercedes-Benz to exist and many know the ads to be there! So why hiding their advertising boards or replacing them by other pixels!? Nevertheless it is remarkable and worth a feature that they act so. We take our hats off to BMW!

And, take a look at the grandstand on the photo above. They not even pretend a great public interest in the event, which is called BMW M3 Challenge. But if you're interested in it - in attending as a driver at your desk, just follow the link at the text's end and pilot the M3 through Mer-
cedes' ad scenery, too.
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BMW M3 in front of a Mercedes advertisement

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