G-Power 760i Storm

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G-Power call their BMW 7-series conversion '760i Strom' and promise M feeling for the new Seven. Because BMW don't offer an M model for the 7-series, an evolution seems to be a gap in the market. Such a thing would meet ready markets in many countries, but Munich deem an executive sedan to heavy to match the personality an M model should have in their opinion.

G-Power want apparently prove the opposite with outstanding performance. Their Storm Seven generates 725 hp and 1000 Nm as maximum. In a mere of 4,2 seconds 100kph is reached from a standstill, while this exercise ends at 345 kph, G-Power claims. These are truly rates worthy of an M7 model. However, it's not only about speed and acceleration, but agility too.

G-Power uses a set of springs to sharpen driving characteristics which is probably less than what BMW would have modified at an M7's suspension. This measure lowers ride height by around 30 mm. The use of mighty 22 Inch wheels alone makes this necessary. At the front they are 9.5 Inch wide, the ones at the rear axle are one Inch wider.

The rear and the sides look like an M7 could look like thanks to shapely rocker panels, a small trunk lid and a rear bumper. The front however, got a very individual styling by means of a bumper featuring striking air inlets. Not that an M7 wouldn't have something like that, but it adds an entirely new style to the big Bimmer.

The same goes for the bonnet which has got several holes to supply cooling air. The thing is shapely, but it possibly makes the 760i Storm a bit more flashy than BMW would even make an evo car in times like these. And Munich would most certainly not take the long wheelbase version for that, contrary to G-Power. So it's not necessarily a substitute for the M7, but an interesting option to other, reputable companies' offerings.

G-Power 760i Storm
G-Power 760i Storm

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