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Bentley Continental Imperator by Hamann Motorsport
If you want to know what rules the world, have a look at this. Not at the car, at its name: 'Continental Imperator'! By its name, the thing must be the king of cars. Indeed this Bentley conversion by Hamann Motorsport does definitely not achieve the rates of super cars the likes of one Koenigsegg CCX or Bugatti 16.4 Veyron, but its performance may be said extraordinary though!

Thanks to a new exhaust system and revised engine control, the Bentley Continental GT generates 70 Hp more. Together with the 560 standard horses, the herd includes 630 animals now. The engine of the 'Speed' edition develops 40 Hp more by these measures, which adds up to 650 ponies. Top speed of both upgrades is roughly 5 Kph higher, around 330 Kph.

These increases probably neither require the aerodynamics modifications, nor 22 Inch wheels (there's a 21 Inch option too), nor the lowering by 30mm at the front and 20 at the rear axle. But, of course, it has a noticeable effect on the looks. The car body is 70mm broader and provides room for up to 11 inch wide rims this way. Since LED day driving lights is a must, the Imperator's front bumper features such things too.

Individual interiors can also be realised by the use of leather and Alcantara. Even a three-spoke sports steering wheel including all standard functions is gettable for Bentley's 'small' two-door. Okay, okay, British understatement is something different than that and this Imperator doesn't make the world go round, but being boss of 650 horses is cool too.

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