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Audi A5 Cabriolet by Abt Sportsline
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Abt Sportsline show us their new Audi A5 Cabriolet. A front bumper with striking large intakes, little less demonstrative side sills and a rear apron make the car appearing more muscular. The same for the wheels. Abt have got options in diameters of 19 and 20 Inch. The BR design, as shown on the photos, is still a looker and goes well with the classy open-top A5.

There's also a 2x2 exhaust unit, they say. What ever it exactly is, fans will surely like its 4 end tips. More power is gettable as well. 'Abt Power', as they call it. The experts of the laboratories at the Allgäu region, South Germany, found the extra ponies mainly in the depth of the electronic control units.

In case of the 2.0 TFSI engine, for example, outcome increases to 275hp, instead of 180 as standard. Wow, that's not bad. That raises the question whether the engine stands the extra boost!? Hard to claim whether or not it does it - the house, at any rate, is a trust-
worthy address regarding tuning, having some decades of motor sports experiences.

Diesel engines of the Audi A5 can be tuned by the specialists too. The V6 diesel with the largest engine capacity also employs an Abt turbo charger, in addition to a modified engine control. Data sheet specifies a maximum of 310Hp of power and 610Nm of torque for this version. Not bad for a convertible, with a diesel motor.
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