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Rumours concerning a smaller Porsche roadster seemed to make sense, initially. Volkswagen already showed such a vehicle in the shape of the Concept BlueSport and thanks to a majority in Europe's biggest car company, the sports car maker had got access to this platform in mid-engine layout. Also there are historical archetypes.

For example: The legendary 356! And the 914, which already has been developed and produced in collaboration with Volkswagen. But Porsche insiders, on the other hand, said this approach is considered to be adverse, as cheaper models are likely to harm exclusivity of the brand.

Today Volkswagen pull the strings at Porsche. And Wolfsburg reportedly welcome such a vehicle. Mainly because it would help producing the respective components in larger amounts. That makes a more rakish Porsche roadster more likely - in spite of Zuffenhausen's concerns about the approach.

Besides an open top two-seater, also a coupe version is rumoured to roll out of the assembly lines. Technology will be taken from Volkswagen too, however the Porsche model could be going to get only the most sophisticated options, or at least further refined ones. That's also why we will not see it before 2013 on the roads.

At present two further numbers are reported in the German press. First one is the price: Around 40,000 Euros. And second, the power output is supposed to be 280hp. Although many Porsche enthusiasts might not be happy about this plan, others will like the idea.

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