Mercedes-Benz GT-Class - Artist's Impression

Mercedes still seem un-
decided whether three high-end convertibles makes sense. We guess demand will give a positive answer soon.

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Mercedes is trying to cover any tiny niche. In some cases it is pretty questionable whether they really make money on any of their offerings. It seems a bit as if it's the taking part that counts. Regarding the convertible segment, the next new model is ready now. With the open top version of the S-Class Coupe, Stuttgart this time challenges Rolls-Royce and Bentley that already cover this segment with the Wraith and Contintental GT respectively.

The new S-Class Cabriolet will then join another Mercedes luxury convertible, the SL-Class, that money-wise plays in the same league. Also this one is only rivaled by some exclusive brands, such as Jaguar, Bentley and Porsche. In view that Mercedes-Benz will have those two high-end convertibles in their line up, it seems comprehensible that they are rumoured to stop theirselfs from cutting open their upcoming sports car GT.

On the other hand, customers often surprised Daimler by insistantly demanding for cars which they actually anticipated less intersting. That is why they became more daring over the years. Recently they even introduced a hardcore offroader with 3 axles basing on a model that's offered since 1979, the G-Class 6x6! Considering this, it's hard to believe a convertible model of their latest sports car wouldn't go down well.

Mercdes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

Sure, such a thing potentially does harm to the SL's sales as both cars play in the same league. But whereas the luxurious SL got a heavy retractable hardtop, the lighter and more sporty GT Roadster could get back to the roots. With a puristic canopy top the 911 rival would have a more purebred sports car personality than the SL does.

And even at the time of the first SL generation, Daimler once felt forced to do customers a favour by bringing out what the initially rejected. First they derived a road legal model of their SL race car. Then they made America happy by converting it into a roadster, even though the lower structure of the tubular frame had to be extensively modified for that. Yes, this is more than half a century ago and things are different today. A bit at least.

Not only the frame does not need such radical changes, they already have half of the work done. Because, the new GT-Class bases on the former SLS which was also available as a roadster then. How could we ever if we
ever see a GT Roadster
one day?
Mercedes-Benz GT-Class - Artist's Impression

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