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Ferrari offer a master piece with the new California however its wheels seem to be well known

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With the California, Ferrari have lately presented their new entry-model. No doubt, also this vehicle is a design masterpiece. While optics with closed top is the weak point of many cabrio-coupes, the California looks with closed roof as stunning as it looks when its intrior is covered by the hard top.

A further highlight are the darkened rear lamps hidden in a black strip which includes the license plate. Nevertheless, the Italian design masters did not manage reinventing the wheel. So the rims of the latest Ferrari model are already available on the aftermarket sector - at least in a remarkably pretty similar style...

New Ferrari California & Magma Seismo

...with the Seismo, wheel manufacturer Magma offer a rim that looks very similar to Ferrari's latest alloy wheel. Besides a sliver version [Lichtsilber], there also is an option in black [Lavaschwarz] with a polished surface.

The thing is gettable in diameters from 14 to 18inch, widths range from 6 to 8.5. It is available in all usual screw hole circles and even a reinforced version for heavy SUVs and crossover vehicles can be ordered.

The spokes of the 'Seismo' named alloy wheel are a little bit wider than the ones of the Ferrari edition nevertheless, the thing is considerably close to Maranello's design. See the details and some more about it on the website of the company:

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