BMW X6 'Falcon' by AC Schnitzer

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With the 'Falcon', AC Schnitzer intro-
duce their programme for the BMW X6. It includes aerodynamic parts comprising fender extensions, thanks to wich the Falcon is 70mm wider at the front and 80 at the rear. With this conversion, Schnitzer focuses on the road, and not off road.

That is why the famous BMW tuning house dispenses with underfloor protection plates to the benefit of a decent front spoiler and a rear diffusor. The diameter of the rims underline this emphasis: 22inch. There's also a sports exhaust system to change the sound accordingly.

For the diesel engines AC Schnitzer provide more power in the form of a so-called Control Unit. Most powerful option, the 35d, is performing 310hp with the device. The 30d puts out 272hp with the thing. Remarkable is the two-tone paint. Looks good! Isn't it!?

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