Audi A5 Sportback - front - front-side view

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Crossover vehicles are still very popular. Besides softroaders, particularly 4-door coupes are hip and hot. Audi have already presented the SUV Q5 and will bring out an A7 to compete with other flat sedans of renowned European brands. Ano-
ther project - one which had attracted a little less attention in the public - is the A5 Sportback.

Despite of its label, by its understructure it's rather a fastback derivation of the A4 than an A5. However, it will get the front end and possibly also the tail lights of the latter. With the A3, the name Sportback is used for a very different type of car which is why it seems a bit misleading here. Engine range will be that of the A5 too.

Meaning the S-model is going to be driven by a 354hp 8-cylinder and not by the A4's charged 6-pot aggregate. Also the new 290hp charged V6 will be mounted to the A5 Sportback. Inglostadt call this model 3.0 TFSI - although it has got a compressor, and no turbo charger! Launch date of the niche car is summer 2009, yet before Audi's bigger 4-door coupe
A7 comes out!
Audi A5 Sportback - rear-side view

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