Brushed stainless steel dials from

Best term to circumscribe the business of the German company is acces-
sory maker. The firm offers clear glass rear lights, indicators, mirror covers, bull bars, gear knobs and many things more.


Latest offering is brushed stainless steel dials. They are available for many popular cars such as Alfa Romeo 147, BMW 3-series and VW Golf. Retrofitting may be tricky however skilled tuners will surely manage it. All others should ask professionals for help.

Our estimation is: Considering that the feature is around 100Euros, it is a reasonable detail to round off an interior with metallic applications or, one to add zest to a dull, black fascia. And, it's one that will attract owners attention as he gets - in contrast to most other tuning accessories - a glimpse of it during a ride. Just click the image above to visit the website

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