In consideration of the fact that these pictures have been taken on our local motor show AMI in April, publishing them just now in December seems to be belated, however it's never too late to show some good pictures of a great car.

And, since Wiesmann's roadster is definitely one, we dare making them public only now. To the photogra-
pher's point, the photos are the best he ever shot on a motor show.

Indeed, exhibitions are amongst the most awkward occasions for good pictures because all images has to be captured under given conditions. And they are not arranged to take impressive photos.

Illumination, background and placing are aimed at presenting a product to as many people as possible and not at reaching the ideal arrangement for pictures from specific perspectives.

In addition, the Wiesmann was en-
closed by a barrier which predefined the angle of view. Anyhow, the glass hall is an amazing scenery, even for a classic-style roadster like this. Colours of the car and the back-
ground, however they are edited, do match perfectly.

A tarpaulin below and the writing on the vehicle might be flaws in the pictures but nevertheless, there is surely nothing wrong in showing them here. How do you think about it? Just click them when you agree!

Wiesmann Roadster: Interior - Click here to see more

Wiesmann Roadster: Behind the coupe - Click here to see more

Wiesmann Roadster: Twenty inch rims - Click here to see more

Wiesmann Roadster: From a cat's perspective  - Click here to see more

Wiesmann Roadster: Side view - Click here to see more

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