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The German tuning company Heico Sportiv have created a concept car for Volvo Cars of America, yet before the basis, the all-new compact C30, has been launched. The HS3 Thor named vehicle showcases the C30 on the glamour and tuning motor show SEMA at Las Vegas. The urban camouflage paint hint to the favourite territory of both the production model and the concept: The city. Since Volvo don't offer an all wheel drive on their Audi A3 rival, the tuners from Heico put an 4WD-system to the vehicle.

This might be great and give prove of the remarkable proficiency of the Volvo specialists but, the compact car from Scandinavia will be mainly used on urban roads. So it won't rarely be more than a curb crawler in reality. However, there are many features that make the study a highly interesting thing. As Heico also want to promote their engagement in North America with the thing, the Germans have put lots of tuning goodies to their side stylish walk climber.

Concept Thor, interior

Amongst them: Carbon suspension struts, 4-piston sports braking system, more power for the diesel motor and interior upgrades ranging from full leather trim to electronic on-board entertainment such as an iPOD nano. Those who contemplate buying and individualising a Volvo C30 should have a look at this concept as it's not only conceived to support the business of Heico Sportive in America but it also foreshadows the company's range for the Swedish car maker's smallest model that could be a serious option to some premium products of firms that headquarter at Central Europe - if you know what we mean.

Heico Sportiv concept car Thor

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