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Wheels and lowering, nothing else but that are the modifications on the Range Rover Sport of Rinspeed from the Alps republic of 'dee Shweetz', as the natives call their country. Nonetheless those few things turn the British SUV into an eye catcher on the boulevard. Wheels one inch larger than the usual 22inch tuning size make for a stunning look. Despite of their simple design: They stick out! And the reduction of the ground clearance by 45mm is underlining the sharp appearance of the supposed off road vehicle from the United Kingdom.

The language of this island is being used for the name of the lowering: RLMS, Rinspeed Lowering Management System. As the designation suggests, it's a modification of the air springs control. For the device the Swiss specialists fell back on their experiences with other systems, such as that for the Porsche Cayenne. And as with the German SUV, the original suspension settings can be restored at any time. When it comes to jounce travel, there are numbers that should be mentioned as well: Rinspeed equip the 11inches wide C5/1 called wheel with tyres of the dimension 315/25-23.

Since Switzerland is not only known for a calm lifestyle, but also accuracy and products of superior quality, Rinspeed's items for the Ra Ro Spo meet German standards as TÜV approvals testify. However there is one thing that needs improvement, as we find: The modest centre caps. The reputation of the company aside, we think the Swiss cross logo from Logozilla.de [ see link at the right ] would be the perfect match for the wheels. It would add an air of distinctiveness to the conversion: British off road tradition wrapped up in stylish design refined by high class equipment from Switzerland. What a combination! Feel good tuning doesn't necessarily have to be German!

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