Mercedes CLS by A_R_T and BMW M5 by Hamann Motorsport

WIDE BODY CONVERSIONS - BMW M5 by Hamann Motorsport & Mercedes Benz CLS by A_R_T
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Mercedes Benz CLS by A_R_T - click for more
The thrill with sports sedans is that they look like ordinary salons however they have the power of purebred sports cars. Some tuners aim at even more power with their conversions but there are also some that want to make them looking like real super cars too.

The Bavarian Mercedes refiner A_R_T offers, besides less flashy things, an obtrusive conversion for the CLS. And that meets the personality of the flat Benz. With the A_R_T parts the E-class derivation appears like a super sports car with two extra doors.

In terms of performance the M5 is equal to the most powerful CLS versions but its greenhouse does not remind one of a sports car. There's simply too much of a usual family car in the shape of the 5-series even though the exterior is not ordinary.

Nevertheless, Hamann Motorsport offers obtrusive spoilers and wing extensions for the salon. The design approaches of both company's are very, very similar but the basis makes the difference. It suits the Merc, whereas the Bimmer appears a bit odd in that style.

This has nothing to do with its showy looks. Wide body conversions become increasingly popular again, but Hamann would rather have taken the 5-series-based coupe for a modification like that. Just imagine the Six with these add-on parts. That would go well, isn't it!?

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BMW M5 by Hamann Motorsport - click for more