A new year has began and so the time has come for a few retrospective lines on the past twelve month, as this is a tradition with fast-zi-nation.


Less Than We Wanted
Clearly, the highlight was the TechartAirfieldExperince however we had planned some more special features. Sickness, bad weather and bad luck had spoiled more, sadly. That was why we paid some more editorial attention in terms of extent to our TechArt visit.

Growth All Around The World
An annual increase in visitors by 35% is a good rate. And we also liked the plus in recognition we gained, especially in the UK. Our popularity in the United Arabian Emirates and Saudi Arabia has always been above average, however the growth rates of these countries kept up with the general trend - which is highly surprising, we think.

An Implausible Change
The most remarkable loss of the last year was our position in the Alexa Traffic Ranking. Dropping by roughly 1,000,000 positions to the 1,434,380th place shows that this charts don't mirror the reality - but way too many so-called experts believe in such statistics.

See Them All Again
All contents pages and articles of 2005 as well as that of the years before can be seen via our archive page. Just go the way back and click here...!

However all these things are past. Hopefully the new year has at least as many great new things in store for us as the last year had. And maybe, when things run smooth, there will be a few large features more in 2006. We hope so!

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