Here come five wallpapers
- as a continuation of an old story. Just by chance we spotted this Mini with the good looking 18inch Dynamic wheels from Alpina. Since Alpina did not reply to a request in this regard, we once attempted to take photos of this car/wheel combination at the same place, in front of the Leipzig BMW branch.

Subsequent Delivery

Alpina apologised later,
however they still continue ignoring any of our inquiries. The first photos have been spoiled by a railing. This time another car was in a far better position for a few good photos and we took the chance to capture the vehicle and to provide the initially intended pictures subsequently .

Alpina mind being called a car tuner. Since our first article was arranged in the tuning news section, we presume that we're in the dog house now. On the other hand, should we respect Alpina's demands as they gave us the cold shoulder right from the start!? And although they're still ignoring us!? When we would get supplied by them, we don't mind respecting their wishes.

But as it seems there will hardly
be any official photos of the splendid BMW's from the Allgäu* in our magazine. Even though we run the risk of supporting Alpina's business, we hope that there will be some further occasions to take photos like these.

* The Allgäu is an area
of the Alps in South Germany

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This was the first try
to capture a Mini with
this wheels click..!

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