Lumma CLR 500 RS - front-left view

Lumma CLR 500 RS basing on the BMW M5 With their new 5-series, Lumma focus on another clientele than AC Schnitzer or Alpina, and even Hamann. While they create restrain-
ing and more or less sporty conversions, Lumma play the flashy card and go extreme: A flam-
boyant orange makes clear, this one is different to other Bimmers. Wide fender flarings extend the car body by full 100mm and cover 255 and 295 mm wide tyres mounted to large 21inch rims.

The M5 motor of the house cranks out a total of 560hp, as they claim. That's being achieved by modifications of the exhaust system including catalytic converters and a reprogrammed ECU. Another electronic modification abolishes the standard top speed limitation. Lumma say their 5-series - that they have named CLR 500 RS - manages a maximum speed of 327kph without it.

That's not only a result of the power alone but also - a very little bit - one of weight reduction by means of carbon fibre parts. For example, flaps are made of this material. And since chrome parts don't meet the sporty approach of such a conversion, Lumma cover the exterior chrome trim with carbon coating. In addition to the weight, ride height is reduced too.

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