Lotus APX concept car - draft, left-rear view

Lotus APX concept car - photograph front-left view

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revealed their
highly universal VVA understructure on the Geneva motor show 2005. This year the car maker from great Britain is introducing an application on Switzerland's biggest auto exhi-
bition in the shape of a concept that's called APX. Not only the vehicle looks good, it's also very Lotus-like in its design even though such a vehicle is not typical for Lotus.


But, first of all it promotes the VVA platform. This construction is being designed to offer a fast-to-market and cost-effective solution for other car makers that are on the look out for an appropriate basis for a niche vehicle. Since Lotus is well known for light weight constructions the VVA concept is cutting edge technology in aluminium, steel and composite body engineering and joining techniques. The most interesting question is what car maker could get back to the high tech architecture from the United Kingdom?

Porsche, Jaguar, Renault, FIAT or an ambitious company from China? The aim of Lotus is not only making money with offering the understructure but also toll-manufacturing of the vehicles. And this is a sore spot at present as the outsourcing trend in the motor industry seems to be over and many car makers go for including niche models in their own production
because of significant over
Lotus APX concept car - draft, right-rear view from above

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