Mercedes-Benz C-class by Lorinser - Front-side view

Koenigsegg CCX

The recent generation of the C-class is brand new but nonetheless, Lorinser Sportservice from Winnenden put a classic to the car: Their RS8 wheel. The rim with the turbo-blade-style spokes measures 8.5x19 inch on Mercedes' new little one. Even more obvious than that is the body kit. As typical of the house, the parts feature various apertures what make the baby-Benz appearing pretty racy.

The Germans can also supply a lowering kit for the model, as well as upgrade for the Diesel motors. In the full trim, Lorinser's C-class conversion is a very conspicuous one. It might appeal those who order the car with the Avantgard sports grille. Those who would preferably have their car a little less sporty - means, people who order the versions with the star on the hood - can get served by the reputable German Mercedes tuning company too. Next >

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