STRIP_TEASE: The all new Audi S6


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Audi fit the new S6 with fine things as it is usual with evo vehicles of that sort and price. And such cars set styling trends for the tuning scene. Copies of AMG, M3 and S-line wheels go down well as accessories, for example. Maybe the S6's double spoke rim is amongst tomorrow's most popular aftermarket wheels too - however there is another item we anticipate to become more frequently-copied: LED day driving lights.

The LED technology matches the high-tech image of Audi very well. Day driving lights are useful since they enhance perceptibility and they also are helpful for estimating an approaching vehicle's tempo, [ especially ] on the [ German ] autobahn. But above all the LED strips in the S6's front bumper is a phat feature. No doubt, these parts will soon be retrofitted on some tuning Hondas, Golf GTIs and perhaps some other A6s.

To us it seems safe as houses that add-on parts manufacturers are going to offer this detail one day as well. Nonetheless, there will hardly be a car that appears as impressive in ones rear view mirror as the S6 with its mighty grille and the ten LED light sources. We guess that Ingolstadt have set a new trend with this detail, just as BMW did it with the light rings around the lamps. Check out whether it is worth an investment at your local Audi dealer and be amongst the trendsetters!

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