BMW M6 wide body conversion from Hamann Motorsport

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In an editorial on wide body conversions of the
Mercedes CLS and the BMW 5-series, we said that Hamann should rather offer such a body kit for the 6-series, and not for Munich's upper middle class salon, the 5-series.

It might be as fast as a sports car when it's an M5, but body kits are about style and not acceleration and the shape of the Five remains the one of a family car. Now the South German premium car tuner offer the add-on parts also for the Six.

Sure, they've got the idea without our article but indeed, the M6 look fantastic with the spoilers and over fenders from Hamann Motorsport. Scissor doors round off the flashy appearance of the phat 'Bay Am Way' as the brand is being vocalised in German.

In addition to this, the super car specialists of Hamann still offer all the other fine things that make the 6-series cooler and above all more sporting. You know what today's tuners offer and if you want to look up for details, we have added a link for that at the right.
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