Lamborghini 4-door concept - version 1

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Porsche and
Aston Martin are going to
launch 4-door sports cars that mainly aim at the upper class evo sedans of the German premium car makers, Maserati's Quattroporte and possibly the Jagaur XJ. But above all it's a new fashion and it is safe to say that projects like that will remain exceptions.

That was why we were not enthusiastic about the drafts of a 4-door Lamborghini by the Dortmund-based designer Enes Canay. Does a vehicle of that sort follow the Italian brand? It seems that Lambo shouldn't necessarily follow this fashion. But one detail with the drawings appeared remarkable for us: The combination of scissor doors and sliding doors! Next


The car above is the Version I. Read more about
the drafts on the following pages. Here
you can view the Version II
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