Citoren concept C-sport

Citroen Special Feature

Here come a feature on
Citroen cars' design, including original ske-
tches, a test of the C6
and much more


With the concept car C-Sport, Citroen presented a progressive looking car. One that meet the back-to-futuristic-looks approach of the company very well. Not only the shape of it is great, but also the wheels of the vehicle. Lately we discovered the round designer pieces on the website of AEZ. They were presented as a newness of the house. Apparently they copied the concept car rims and paid the Citroen designers a compliment that way, however, the V-shape ending of the spokes are really no invention of the Citroen designers.

AEZ wheel 'Phoenix' in three perspectives

But the Phoenix named rim from AEZ is definitely close enough to the Citroen things to be called an imitation. Those who like it won't be bothered by this and will welcome the fact that it's gettable in all usual diameters from the start. In numbers: 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22 inches. The design is becoming to almost every modern car. But, the crazier the exterior is, the better it goes with the design which is to say: it's the right choice for today's Citroen cars. What about a 2-door C4 with lowering and 19inch Phoenix rims instead of the boring options from Germany or Japan!?

Citoren C4 with 19inch AEZ Phoenix

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