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B U G A T T I   V E Y R O N

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There were four articles on the Bugatti Veyron in our magazine before the car was out. Rumours and speculations about technical trouble with the super car in the international press continuously supplied us with information to write about. And indeed there must have been a lot of problems to solve as proved by many postponed launch dates. Bugatti has been a car manufacturer without a car for too long. None- theless, Volkswagen have finally managed a pretty good and sur- prisingly easy-to-drive car, as the test reports say.

However it took a long time and above all immense efforts in man power as well as money. Many VW drivers wish Wolfsburg would have invested that on the reliability of their own cars. But the record breaker seems at least to be a worthy representative of the high speed nation of Germany. Germany? Isn't Bugatti a French make? We asked Bugatti spokesman Georges Keller about Volkswagen's point of view.

Bugatti is a French make, he said. But he also added that 'the car is a European make, as was Ettore Bugatti, the founder of the make, a European who was born in Italy, educated in Germany but ran his business in France'. The European approach appears to be a good one. Especially as the Veyron includes the know how of not only the engineers of Volkswagen but the best suppliers from all over Europe. -Next..!