Brabus Mercedes ML63 AMG wide body conversion

Mercedes ML-class and Mercedes GL-class from Brabus

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Tough Brabus is known for
visually very restraining yet elegant conversions, they introduce
a wide body version of the Merecdes-Benz M-class on the Geneva Motor Show. The kit make the SUV appearing pretty showy.

With the large air intakes, the Mercedes SUV is looking almost martial while some outlets in the sides underscore this. The wide body ML is definitely la-
cking the inconspicuous elegance of Brabus' other vehicles but there are, on the other hand, wide track SUVs of even more aggressive looks. Also it doesn't seem - and is not - as wide as some other conversions.

Nevertheless, the widened body takes wider rims and the world's biggest tuning company does of course offer something to match: the Monoblock E wheel in 11x23inch. Tyres with the designation 315/25 R23 on the side walls are mounted to the rims. And to accelerate the massive Mercedes, the tuners offer tweaked ML engines. Besides upgrade for the 420CDI motor (see link at the right), even the AMG version can be tuned. Next Page >

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