Mercedes ML-class and Mercedes GL-class from Brabus

[ powerExtra - From Brabus for diesel-powered Mercedes Sports Utility Vehicles

Mercedes refiner Brabus offer a new power upgrade for the Mercedes brothers GL- and ML-class. On the condition they bear the surname 420 CDI in their designations, the Bottrop-based car tuners provide a plug-and-play chip tuning solution that result in a 44hp extra. A 3-year-warranty underscores the re-
liability of the upgrade. And, despite of the power plus, the tuning motors meet the stringent Euro 4 emission limits too.

The ML-class covers the way to the 100kph mark in round 6seconds after the treatment whereas the heavier GL-class is needing one second more for that exercise. Top speed is increasing by roughly 10kph as Brabus claim. The GL is then managing a maximum of 240kph while the shorter ML's idle stops at five kph more. Those who want to tweak their 420 CDI Benz with the PowerXtra D8-named upgrade can get it at their local Mercedes dealer, just via >

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