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There are a lot of rumours regarding the future of Bugatti. Two relate to new models. The first one is that the France car manufacturer plan a roadster significantly smaller than the Veyron. That would make sense however, Porsche as a shareholder of the Bugatti owner Volkswagen is supposed to prohibit production of cars that could compete with their own vehicles. The second rumour is a 4-door super salon. Using the 16-cylinder engine of the Veyron, it could be the fastest vehicle of its class, and the most expensive one too.

But sluggish sales in this segment don't militate in favour of this project. Not even Rolls Royce meet former sales targets although the situation with the company is good. This doesn't apply for Maybach. Mother company DaimlerChrysler had hoped for much more deliveries than today's. The business of Bentley run well, on the other hand, but this is mainly caused by the smaller Continental series. That's to say first, an uninterrupted history is helpful and second, the number of prospective buyers for super luxury salons beyond the 300,000Euros-mark is not as high as previously assumed, or they're just thriftier than expected.

That make the Bugatti salon project very unlikely - it would increase losses anymore. And even though there might be little more reality in the roadster story, we don't believe in it for the next five years. It is true that Bugatti are considering a further model series since they don't earn money on the Veyron - and they can't do so in the next decades. So far there are too many unknown factors in both the situation with Volkswagen as well as the market. So our motto regarding Bugatti's future is: Wait and see. By the way, next newness from the France brand, that's reasonably likely, will be a Targa version of the Veyron.

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