Audi Q7 from B&B

B&B AUDI Q7 - click one of the images below to see a larger version

Audi Q7 by B&B - front-left view Audi Q7 by B&B - rear-right view

As usual, B&B introduce also their Audi Q7 pro-
gramme a bit later than the competitors did. And also as usual, waiting was worth it.

The Q7 from the VW and Audi tuner looks stunning. However the add-on parts are pretty similar to Audi's S-line package, but cooler.

In addition to the aerody-
namics items, the com-
pany offers wheels - by the way: Up to 23inch - and a 50mm electronic lowering for the air springs, as well as sev-
eral engine upgrades.

The 3.0TDI reaches 300hp in the top level. The maximum for the 4.2 litres 8-cylinder V-type petrol motor is 385hp.

B&B might be late with their offers but since Audi can't produce as many Q7s as demanded, there are a lot of buyers still waiting for their car.

Seeing the add-on parts from B&B, having not invested on any other stuff than their's could strike one as good luck.

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