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Audi A4 Convertible by B&B in black

Audi A4 tuning by B&B

The Siegen-based tuners of B&B Automobiltechnik promise remarkable rates for their Audi 2.0 TFSI Cabriolet. Thanks to comprehensive modifications, the 2.0 Litre engine generates up to 350hp. With this mods it runs to 100kph in 5.4sec, as the company claims. This is level 5. The entry level is, not surprisingly, level 1. That kit offers a power of 240hp.

Those who have selected a diesel motor for their Audi convertible may opt from two tuning stages, for both engines. The 3.0 Litre TDI can be upgraded to 275 and 300hp. The smaller one with the 2.0 Litre diesel motor generates either 174 or 200hp after the B&B treatment. And, of course, all these power upgrades are available for the roofed A4s too.


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